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How to pay for your purchase


We do not record any credit card details on this site. We record your name, address and email address, but if you wish this deleted after your purchase - please email us and we will completely delete all your details. We NEVER give anyone any of your personal details.  

Payment Methods

We try to be flexible at The Bookshelf of Oz, so there are several ways you can pay for your purchase.




Paypal is one of the worlds leading payment gateways. We have taken thousands of payments via Paypal.

Some of the advantages of Paypal

* we don't see your credit card details - all credit card processing through Paypal is done through Paypal's site - we never see your credit card details

* you don't need to join Paypal to use your credit card - you can make a credit card payment for purchases like any other online credit card gateway - you do not need to join Paypal

* if you wish - you don't even need to use your credit card - you can use your Bank Account. You can set up a Paypal account and transfer money from your Bank Account to your Paypal account. You never need to use a credit card on-line.

* There are NO CHARGES TO YOU when you use Paypal - all charges are paid by us.

Visit http://www.paypal.com.au

Bank Deposit

You can pay by transferring the payment amount from your Bank Account to ours. We have Bank Accounts in Australia (NAB) and New Zealand (ANZ) .

When you make a deposit just add the order number (it starts with BO) in your bank deposit reference. If you deposit directly to a bank branch ask the teller to give the order number as a reference - if the teller won't do that, just give any reference (postcode, any sequence of numbers you will remember ..) and email us with the reference so we can match it up with your purchase quickly and post to you ASAP.

Money Order/Cheque

*You can send us a money order or via the post (Australia Post money orders only for purchases in Australia only) 

*Money Orders need to be made out to Judy Mather 

*If you send a Cheque we post your item when the Cheque has cleared. Cheques need to be made out to Judy Mather

*Cheques can only be used for Australian purchases being posted to Australian addresses.


You can Layby an item or a group of items. Minimum initial payment of 25% must be made. Payments must be made by Bank Deposit (Australia or New Zealand) or Money Order (Australia Only) . All payments must be completed December 15th 2007. Inital 25% Deposit is non-refundable.


Or if its all too hard!

If you are having difficulty placing an order on our website - email us at judyoz@gmail.com  and you can just email us with your order and we will get it arranged. 

Or if you prefer, you can just print out and fill in this order form (click here), telling us your order, and include a money order or cheque to:

The Bookshelf of Oz

PO Box 48


SA 5063

make sure you give us your mailing address in the letter.


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